Meet the leadership team.

Dave McGuire

Managing Director

David has close to thirty years of experience in the construction industry in client and contractor roles; the last 15 years at a senior level. He has extensive experience as a Project Director on major projects across multiple sectors, both in Australia and internationally. David has significant strengths in providing strategic and operational-level planning, risk management, feasibility studies, policy development and industrial relations advice.

David has worked closely with Defence, Government and the private sector undertaking feasibility and due diligence studies as well as leading planning and risk management workshops for major infrastructure and vertical construction projects. He has significant strengths in communicating with stakeholders at all levels and appreciates the requirement for close liaison and communication between all parties to ensure project success.

David is also a qualified training developer and has lectured at some of Australia’s leading training and management institutions. Further, David was the Project Director for Defence’s largest training continuum review in over forty years, resulting in a new ‘all-corps officer training continuum’ for the Australian Army. The model has since been emulated by other services and defence forces around the world.

David is a graduate of the Australian Company Director’s Course and has served on the Boards of national project management companies, not-for-profit, charitable and professional certification bodies over the last ten years. David is the Managing Director of Gripfast Consulting.

Dr. Annabel Leslie McGuire


Annabel has over 20 years’ experience working with and for various Government, Not-for Profit and Institutional clients in both a full-time and voluntary capacity. She has extensive experience as a Project Director on major research programmes (+$8m) as well as in leadership roles with complex integrated teams and diverse stakeholders. Annabel has considerable strengths in leading strategic and operational-level planning and providing risk management, change management, policy development and in marketing and business development at the programme level.

Annabel has designed and run major research projects across various disciplines culminating in the delivery of high profile reports and presentations for a variety of clients such as Federal Government, international research centres, universities, and Defence and Defence-related agencies both nationally and internationally.

Recently Annabel has relied on her research background to lead and coordinate integrated teams to deliver diverse and innovative products required by clients from the aged care/high care sectors to airports. Annabel is an experienced leader and manager who understands the importance of building and developing a team. Further, she has demonstrated the ability to synthesise the goals and intent of an organisation’s senior leadership into outcomes and deliverables that are understood by all and achievable at the operational level. Her skills have been developed through both study and practical experience.

Meet the project team.

Kade Kendall

Kade Kendall

Senior Project Manager

Kade is an experienced Senior Project Manager and has been working in the construction industry for over 15 years. He has worked with a number of high-profile clients and has broad experience over a range of sectors and a well-developed understanding of project values. Recently, Kade was instrumental in the successful delivery of Aurizon 900 Ann St, Aurizon regional upgrades and Homemaker The Valley retail upgrades.

With a passion for the built environment, Kade excels in all aspects of management and has identified the importance of communication and the impact it has on project success. Kade is responsible for delivering projects successfully for clients and is accountable for all phases of the project life cycle. He takes accountability for leading a project team and delivering all aspects to exceed client expectations.

Kade has completed a Master in Project Management which complements his broad project experience. Prior to this degree, Kade completed an Advanced Diploma of Building Design (Architectural) which has given him a technical design background to support his project management roles.

Kade enjoys working in a team environment and works closely with stakeholders to reach their objectives. His welcoming approach gives assurance to the project team which gives him the ability to deliver successful projects. Kade’s strengths lie in solving issues quickly to keep projects in line with the program. This ability has given Kade the edge in completing projects on time and within budget.

Jolene Voussem

Project Manager

Jolene’s qualifications are in engineering. She integrates her experience in civil infrastructure construction projects with efficient stakeholder communication to successfully manage project expectations and outcomes. Her extensive project management experience has included estimating, scheduling, tendering and procurement. Jolene excels at the execution phase of projects where as a project engineer, she has had varied responsibilities including project wide risk identification, project mobilisation, quality assurance and compliance, planning and subcontractor management.

Jolene uses her technical and non-technical knowledge and skills to formulate and implement innovative solutions to at risk areas throughout the lifecycle of contracts valued between $3m - $300m. Her projects run successfully because of her ability to build and maintain successful relationships with clients and stakeholders on all levels, focusing her project management towards positive outcomes that are a direct result of the client’s requirements voiced at the initial project briefing and throughout the project.

Jolene is flexible and can quickly adapt in a changing project landscape. She has extensive experience in major sub-division construction and LNG projects. Her projects have included road construction, water drainage, utility installations, gas and water pipeline installations and commissioning and bulk earthworks.

She is a professional member of the Institute of Engineers Australia and has begun the process to become a Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng) and Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ).

Chantal Jacobs

Project Manager

Chantal combines her background in Architectural Design and her skills in Project Management to offer a deep understanding of technical design implications when managing projects. She first put this unique combination of skills into practice during her Master’s degree. One of her senior professors recruited her to work with him designing, developing and documenting residential properties for a developer in Melbourne.

Chantal is particularly interested in tackling fragmentation in the industry which has critical impacts on project outcomes. She works hard to ensure that clients, consultants, and contractors can work together to achieve practical and pragmatic outcomes on any project. The research thesis for her Master’s degree focused her understanding and ability to manage this issue. She works collaboratively with all involved in projects to deliver a high-quality result. Her skill in this area was evidenced during her studies when she led group projects with a strong sense of collaboration and successfully achieved high distinction grades.

With a high level of attention to detail creditable for her high achievements at university, Chantal brings this skill into her role at Gripfast.

Fraser Stevenson

Fraser Stevenson

Project Manager

Fraser has more than five years experience in the construction industry, primarily in contractor roles. He has been exposed to a diverse range of projects in Australia and the Middle East, working in various sectors of construction from multi-residential to hospitality, schools and universities. Fraser has a strong understanding of construction processes, design management and contracts administration, and he strives for complete transparency across project lines. Fraser is always conscious of budgetary and practical concerns and displays a very flexible, enthusiastic, dedicated and co-operative working style. This allows him to have the ability to build exceptional relationships with clients, consultants and project teams alike.

Fraser has worked with both small operators and tier-one contractors. His vast project experience has fostered a well-balanced skill set, ranging from site supervising to project tendering. This has provided Fraser with a great understanding of constraints and requirements for different sectors and projects.

Fraser also holds a degree in town planning from the University of Queensland. This has provided him with the knowledge of planning schemes, legislation, regulations, and practical knowledge of development assessments. The ability to comprehend council regulations has been beneficial in project tender assessments and concept stages of design, ensuring the regulations have been considered and incorporated into the design to ensure the client’s desired outcomes are delivered.

Katie Kuebler

Katie Kuebler

Project Coordinator

Katie has more than five years’ experience in the construction industry, providing project and contract administration support for projects in retail, education, aged care, health, and residential sectors. She has supported projects in a range of areas including preparation of monthly project summaries, maintenance of project-related financial and cost reports, coordinating and participating in tender evaluations, and maintaining the defects registers.

Crossing between project coordination and office management roles Katie has also been responsible for maintaining Quality, Environmental, and Workplace Health & Safety Management Systems, preparing and coordinating the lodgement of proposals and tenders, and running the certification and board reporting on certain projects.

Katie is a team player with a high degree of flexibility, having joined project teams at various stages of delivery and adapted quickly to the project requirements. She has a degree in Mathematics and is currently completing a Master of Professional Accounting.

Catherine Rosenberg

Catherine Rosenberg

Research Officer

Catherine has recently graduated with a Bachelor of Psychological Science (Hons) from the University of Queensland. While at Gripfast Catherine has worked on finalising the research and development of our High Care Building Design – A Best Practice Guide. This has included evaluation and synthesis of Australian Standard compliance and the practical needs of high care residents. She has acquired and developed skills in research and analysis, particularly in literature reviews and quantitative and qualitative data analysis. Recently, she has conducted an audit of Gripfast’s Quality, Safety, Risk and Environmental management systems, cross-referencing our policies to changes in legislation and compliance requirements.

Catherine completed her honours thesis in the area of organisational psychology and public health. Working as part of the BeUpstanding workplace intervention, she gained experience in online survey development, focus group planning and execution and presentation of practical research findings.

Keziah Bossley

Keziah Bossley

Project Coordinator

Keziah has worked on development and construction projects within residential, tourism, retail, and hospitality sectors. Her experience across multiple sectors and a range of projects has helped her develop her skills in managing complexity and a wide range of stakeholders.

In her time working with developers Keziah assisted the team with a $126m high-rise residential tower and a 332-apartment development worth $217m. Concurrently, Keziah helped to deliver a complicated buyer changeover contractual outcome. From these projects, Keziah has gained a thorough understanding of contractual legalities, cost management, financial constraints, the development application process, and the importance of stakeholder relationships.

Prior to working in the construction and development industry, Keziah ran a successful small retail business where she learnt the importance of attention to detail, stakeholder and client management and hard work. It was here that Keziah learnt the importance of cash flow, generating income and engaging in community consultation.

Meet the consultant team.

Tegan Cosgrove

Research Project Manager

Tegan has a passion for making data and research interesting and accessible to decision makers, particularly through the use of infographics and brief but visually appealing presentations. She has extensive experience in data collection, data management, online survey development and administration, and statistical analysis as well as presenting the findings of research to both academic and lay audiences in a meaningful way. Tegan is experienced in multiple data administration systems and online survey tools and is capable of building surveys with advanced logic flows and a high level of customisation. She is especially skilled at rapid literature and policy reviews and providing insight into how policy could be better aligned to evidence based practices in a practical and meaningful way. Her work has been showcased in a number of published reports and journal articles.

She worked on several of the large Centre for Military and Veterans’ Health studies including the Timor-Leste Family Study and joined Gripfast Consulting in 2015. She holds a Bachelor of Health Science and is currently completing a Masters of Public Health.