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Gripfast Consulting

The History behind THE NAME

Our company name ‘Gripfast’ is the family motto of the Leslie clan and is linked to our Directors. The Founder of the family of Leslie was Bartholomew in 1067. Bartholomew was Margret Queen of Scotland's Chamberlain. As the Queen's Chamberlain one of Bartholomew's duties was to take the Queen riding. The Queen rode pillion behind the saddle holding onto the belt of the Chamberlain for safety and stability. Tradition has it that one day while riding they were set upon by brigands but Bartholomew managed to escape with the Queen. As they were crossing a swollen stream the horse stumbled and the Queen fearing she would fall cried "Will the buckle hold?” Bartholomew, urging his horse to the other side cried out "Grip fast your highness and I will get ye across!" True to his word, they reached the other side safely and after that incident "Gripfast” became the family motto. We continue this tradition with all our clients as we say …
’Gripfast and we will get you through your project safely.’


GRIPFAST Consulting Pty Ltd provides a range of project management, management consultancy and research design & management services to both public and private sector clients across Australia. GRIPFAST Consulting has offices located in Brisbane and Sydney. We also operate regionally and nationally through project offices and fly-in fly-out operations depending on the projects location. The company and our Directors have a wide range of consulting experience and we group our services into three broad categories:’’

These services are diverse but they reflect the expertise and experience of our team and are often highly complementary. When you look at our leadership team you will understand that we would be doing ourselves and our clients a disservice to offer anything less. Just as we don’t limit our services, neither do we limit the sectors we work in. Our current clients range from State, Federal, and Foreign Governments, to Universities, Health and Aged Care, Mining, Defence and Not For Profits. When delivering a project we draw on ALL our expertise and our clients benefit from the innovation, diversity and experience that this brings with it.

Delivering QUALITY

GRIPFAST aims to provide its clients with a management service which is innovative, efficient and commercially sound.

GRIPFAST is committed to providing the best management solutions, continual improvement of its delivery processes, systems and client service and satisfaction. GRIPFAST recognises that in order to achieve these aims, it is vital to have a sustainable and risk assessed Business Management System.

GRIPFAST’s Business Management System (BMS) provides operational and strategic guidance to the company. Our integrated BMS provides guiding systems and processes to control risk associated with the safety of our employees, the quality of our service, and environmental concerns relevant to the entire organisation. GRIPFAST’s Business Management System (BMS) is internationally and nationally certified for its Quality Management System – ISO 9001:2016; Safety Management System – ISO 45001:2018; Environment Management System – ISO 14001:2016; and Risk Management System – ISO 31000:2018.

In essence our BMS is the overarching document under which all other sit, it provides broad strategic procedures of the organisation. It incorporates systems for management of business marketing and growth, operational management, administration, finance, communications and human resource management. GRIPFAST BMS is designed to be “user friendly” for all staff, and can be monitored, measured both internally and externally on an ongoing basis.

Figure 1: Overview of the GRIPFAST BMS
Gripfast Business Management System
Gripfast Consulting Project Management

To achieve GRIPFAST’s aims in respect to customer satisfaction and associated QSE requirements the following elements
have been put in place:

  1. Source and employ the most qualified staff available;
  2. Ongoing training, refining and monitoring of each employee’s skills in all facets of our work including but not limited to; project management, budgeting, programming, design, administration, communication, presentation, and customer satisfaction;
  3. Ensure that each project irrespective of size has a responsible Project Director, Project Manager and Project Coordinator or other qualified staff to manage, administer and control all facets of the project;
  4. Create and maintain an appropriate administration and QSE system framework to enable each project team to function effectively;
  5. Where required for a project, provide specialist expert consultants (drawn from in house or externally) to assist the project team to achieve the clients required result; and
  6. Actively encourage and pursue client and staff feedback to continually improve and fine-tune GRIPFAST’s business operations.

Providing the professional services you need for your next project